Mateusz Wysocki Agata Królak

15 x 15 cm 36 páginas; cartoné

Procedencia: Polonia

Translation: Enrique Mittelstaedt

ISBN 978-987-45736-8-1

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Part of the ball that you hold in your hand is hidden from the view of someone looking at it. Just as happens with the moon, one side remains out of sight. The same holds true for all other objects: toys, buildings, even people. Nothing is ever seen completely. To hide, then, is quite a common thing. Just as a wardrobe keeps secrets in its dark interior, people often wish to store up things that are theirs alone.
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Mateusz Wysocki TEXTO

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Agata Królak - Poland based, doer of things and picture-maker, dedicated to illustration and design for sustainable creativity, doctor of arts. Assistant teacher at the Graphic Design de... Leer más >

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