Nani Brunini

25 x 20 cm

ISBN 978-987-48193-0-7

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It all begins with a little disagreement. A difference of opinion. A matter of nuance. But very quickly this little discrepancy begins to grow and, in a deafening escalation that drags in members from both sides, it becomes an irresolvable dispute in which there are neither chances nor arguments for convincing or for being convinced. To what point can a non-negotiable position be maintained? Does reaching a compromise always mean sacrificing principles? Does the loudest shouter win? Or does everybody lose?
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Nani Brunini nació en 1976, en São Paulo. Antes de trasladarse a Lisboa, donde vive actualmente, vivió en Manheim, Helsinki, Londres y San Francisco. Estudió Bellas Artes en la Universid... Leer más >

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