Capitán Nudo and his stupid shadow

Victor Engbers

25 x 17 cm

Translation: Micaela van Muylem

ISBN 978-987-82838-0-7

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Capitán Nudo is not afraid of anything. That's why, when one morning his silly shadow flies away, he decides to go out and search for it through sky and land. On his journey, he will defy ocean waves, giant insects, and even the brutal tentacles of a slippery octopus. Despite not having a solid armor –as he is dressed only in underwear and socks– Capitán Nudo will face any danger. And this is his incredible adventure, told –nobody dare to doubt it– exactly as it happened.
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Victor Engbers was born in 1970 in the south of the Netherlands and studied law before becoming a journalist. At the age of 40, he decided to become an artist. His work is about changing ... Leer más >

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