• BOP Bologna Prize 2019

Limonero is an independent Argentine imprint dedicated, committed—even hellbent—on publishing and disseminating illustrated books. Founded in 2014 by Lulu Kirschenbaum and Manuel Rud, Limonero publishes works that are imaginative and innovative both visually and textually. The drive behind Limonero has always been to build a catalog of titles that we consider indispensible to readers little and large, to bring the illustrated book to readers of all ages.

Among other awards and mentions, Limonero received the prestigious BOP Prize, the award for Best Latin American Publisher, at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Nuestro equipo

Lulu Kirschenbaum

Manuel Rud

Belén Chaud

Manuel Rodríguez Silvar

Melina Forte

Andi Landoni

Guadalupe Vanini