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We publish illustrated booksfor readers whose age is not importantbut whose capacity for surprise is:readers who look for books that bristlewith the desire to be read.

Surprising books.
Books for everyone.
Special books.
Tasty books.
Truthful books.
Fantastic books.
Books from all over.
Books from here.
Illustrated books.
Liberating books.
Beautiful books.
Sour books, sweet books, juicy books.

About Limonero

Limonero’s mission is to publish works that pique curiosity and bring surprise and pleasure to readers young and old, putting together a stimulating, original and growing catalogue of illustrated books that are chosen with care and passion: books of poetry with images, illustrated narratives, books of art with text and of text with art.

Past and Present

Founded by Lulu Kirschenbaum and Manuel Rud in the mid-2000s, Limonero has been dedicated primarily to the development of educational materials, both printed and digital, particularly in the area of reading, that target Spanish-speaking school children in the United States.

Since its founding, as a strategic associate of Editec, a Mexican graphic production firm, our team has provided a broad range of editorial services to large educational publishers in the United States, such as McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson, Harcourt School, Benchmark Education and Triumph Learning. We have also worked with Latin American affiliates of multinational publishers such as Pearson México, Pearson Perú, Pearson Chile, AMCO and Cengage.


In 2014, after more than a decade of providing service and sharing our editorial expertise in educational publishing, as well as several years of preparative measures and rather anxious projections, we decided to set out in a new direction and launch our own publishing company. We specialize in illustrated books and in the distribution of the works of authors, illustrators and artists.

Down the line

So from the outset, Limonero has been a search:
in distant places and different languages,
in nearby places and in our own language,
inside as well as outside in the streets, in corners, in the sky and on the earth,
for simple stories that have yet to be told
and complex stories that have been told many times,
for authors, illustrators, designers and artists of all types.


Lulu Kirschenbaum
Manuel Rud
Ángeles Rossi
Florencia Valle
Sonia Basch

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